The Unannounced Windows Phone 8 Features Unveiled

The guys at The Verge managed to get their hands on Windows Phone 8 SDK and unveiled a series of features that weren’t announced at the Microsoft’s press event back in June 2012, when Windows Phone 8 was officially introduced. The unannounced Windows Phone 8 features aren’t too important, thus we are not talking about any major changes.

Data Sense, found in the Settings area, helps the user track the 3G data usage on his Windows Phone 8 smartphone. It is similar to Android Ice Cream Sandwich’s “Data Usage” feature, only that on Windows Phone 8 you can set it to track a longer time frame. You can also set a Data Sense live tile on the start screen. Using this feature you won’t exceed your internet data plan.

The Camera app have received an important upgrade in Windows Phone 8 compared to the one available in Windows Phone 7.5. In WP8 SDK there’s a feature called Lenses that works with Bing Vision. It seems that Microsoft have kept their own software for the camera app, while the companies that will produce Windows Phone 8 terminals will be able to add various feature, like the Nokia Camera app for the Lumia smartphones.

Xbox Music service looks a lot like Zune music. Still the app is not finished, as it will receive more features by the time Windows Phone 8 officially hits the market.

The maps and the navigation app are based on Nokia’s technologies, while providing more freedom for the application developers.

On the other hand the support for codecs is richer compared to Windows Phone 7.5. In Windows Phone 8 H.264, VC1 and MPEG-4 Part 2 have been added. The Windows Live account you needed in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace to download apps will be changed to a Microsoft account. The Redmond-based company has a Google-ish approach, as the Gmail account provides access to an impressive number of services.

In Windows Phone 8 you can save the one app’s settings and text messages in the cloud. We are talking about a deeper integration of Microsoft’s cloud storage service, SkyDrive.

Windows Phone 8 is expected to debut in November 2012, one month after Windows 8 is officially launched. The Windows Phone 8 smartphones will fight against the next-gen Nexus smartphone and iPhone 5. We are eager to see what treats Microsoft will introduce at the launch. Bill Gates’ guys must develop a compete mobile platform, as the competition is very tough on this segment.