The Zombie Apocalypse: Man Eating Another Man’s Face Killed By Miami Police Officer

It looks like the Zombie Apocalypse is closer than ever, as a man eating another’s man face was caught on video in Miami. So what should we do? Pile up ammo, get our machetes ready and go outside shoot some zombies, cut their heads off and stop them from eating our brains.

Actually, a Zombie Apocalypse wouldn’t be that bad. You could act like a douche without any bad consequences, you could get free stuff without paying for it, plus there’s guilt free violence and you get to shoot one or two moving targets trying to do your best to hit them in the head.

This scenery reminds me of the Dead Island the video game centered on the challenge of surviving on an open-world island where the Zombie Apocalypse begun. But don’t rush to the gun shop yet, as our “zombie” was just a guy on coke (not Coca Cola).

But let’s see what’s the story behind the man eating another’s man face case in Miami. A naked man was shot dead in Miami after he was caught biting of his victim’s face. The victim is now struggling between life and death, and the scenes caught by the surveillance cameras were already seen by thousands of people.

The horror movie-like scene happened around 14:00, in Miami. According to sources inside Miami Police Department, quoted by the online edition of The Miami Herald, a traffic officer spotted the man that was eating another man’s face and warned him to stop. Meanwhile a woman that saw the incident called a police officer that was passing by.

The officer got close to the aggressor, warned him to stop but the man refused to obey, thus the policeman started to put some iron in it. The aggressor continued to feast out of the victim’s face, so the officer continued to shoot. It took at least six bullets to make the “zombie” stop.

The wounded man was carried to hospital. A police spokesman said that the attacker was suffering from cocaine psychosis, a madness state inducted by the drug.